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Tracking and tracing entails following products in real time (track) and the tracing the product history (trace). Tracking and tracing is not an end in itself, but supports the achievement of specific objectives which in turn are linked to your product and business strategy. CCMS enables you to go from a linear economy to a circular economy. It gives you insights in material flows, information on the materials, the production process and management operations.

All this information make it possible to close the loop after use of the product. We process the used materials to a new raw material that we can use on the same level for the new product and we can manage the re-use production process.From the start of the circle, the (raw) material/product receives a bar code (or QR code), which will be connected to the product. This code travels with the product throughout the whole chain (real-time). The data of each phase is connected in the system and gives all information on the process to the chain partners and consumers.

At product level, each unique product will have its own QR-code that the consumer as well the producers can scan with his/her phone. The system will then show all data of the product, which materials have been used, the locations, the environmental impact, relevant certifications and the production chain in a Google Earth environment. According to ISO 9000 (ISO, 2000), traceability is transparent and has “the ability to trace the history, application or location of that which is under consideration.”

What is CCMS?

CCMS is an cloud data based platform software program, where chain partners in the extended supply chain can share selected information related to the products they make. It includes a portal to the customers who buy the products and portals to supply chain partners and the government.Tracking and tracing of each step in the supply chain.

How does it work?

  • Every company that uses the cloud platform records data information about their supply chain and product, including the suppliers they use, the processes, the energy they use, the modes of transport, the materials, the finished products they make, and the information about the take back and re-use phase. They can use their usual batch or lot numbers and production records to complete this data, and then send the data real time to their chain director via CCMS when the products are shipped. Or they can fill in data real time about the process, the materials, transport and other information on the product. CCMS links all of these pieces of data together to form the product history and further process.

The system has different portals 

  • For producers. Producers can monitor every step in the production process and control whether actions have occurred, and check the current location of a certain material or product.
  • For customers. Customers can scan their QR code in the garment and see all the chain partners and materials in the chain. They can also view the environmental impact of the garment they wear.
  • For goverments and controlling organizations

We believe as partners that this system will not only enable us, but also other producers, to make the next step in making their products better and suitable for the circular economy – no more waste, and better for the earth.

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Dutch Awearness develops sustainable textile innovations, brings in new materials suitable for reuse and is director of the circular chain. All WearEver garments are made of Infinity, a 100% recyclable textile developed by Dutch Awearness. In addition, Dutch Awearness created and is chain director of the Circular Content Management System (CCMS).

Learn more about Dutch Awearness here.

CCMS in the textile supply chain

Wherever you are in the textile supply chain, access to information about the products you buy and how they are produced is of critical importance to you and your customer. Information is needed to substantiate product claims, minimise risk, respond to customer/media enquiries and market products more effectively. CCMS makes recording and sharing relevant information about these issues quick and easy. For suppliers, CCMS can centralise all of the requests for more information you receive from your customers into one place, as well as giving you the tools you need to respond. For brands and retailers, CCMS ensures you have the data at your fingertips, in order to respond to questions about raw material origin, product composition and environmental impact.

How can CCMS help?

Using CCMS means tracking and tracing a product on a real time basis through complex extended supply chains and processes of mixing and blending to provide a complete ‘product history’ for each unique batch of products. By tracking and tracing on batch and product level, it becomes clear that each batch and product can have a unique history, from the processing date and time, the qr codes, inputs to the product, the amounts of energy used, to the country of origin of raw materials to the factories in which it was produced. Only by tracking and tracing in this way, it is possible to gain an accurate picture of the path your particular product took to reach you.

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