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Why we care?

We believe that value chain maps can unlock real business value. Understanding a product’s history reduces risk and provides an important and powerful opportunity to create sustainable solutions and is the key tool for working in the circular economy and for reducing waste and CO2.We have a real opportunity here to extend our leadership in use and re-use of materials and products by creating transparency, with a possibility for certification, and by introducing innovative, yet proven, technology to improve integrity, speed and efficiency within the circular economy.

What is the price of CCMS?

  • Contact us and we will send you a quotation.

Is all training optional?

  • No, the first training session is compulsory to ensure that you are confident using CCMS and can record data effectively. Additional training for users added later is optional, as you may choose to train the new users yourself,

If I add another chain or a user part of the way into my first subscription year, what will I be billed?

  • You will be billed for any relevant setup of the new chain and training costs and for all remaining months up until your renewal date. For example, if you add a second chain, users and site to your account in the 6th month of your subscription year, you will be charged for the remaining months of the year.

I have 10 users on my CCMS chain, and would like to add two more sites to my CCMS account – do I need to pay the set up fee for each new user?

  • No. Providing you are adding the new user.

How many users can attend a training session?

  • You can bring as many of your CCMS users to a training session as you want. However, to ensure effective training we recommend that there are no more than five users in any one training session. Also, please note that we can only deliver a training session in one language, so if you would like to receive training for your sites in different languages then we will need to schedule an additional training session for you.