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Dutch Awearness

Dutch Awearness is the pioneer and frontrunner in chain management for the textile industry As chain manager, we develop work wear and corporate wear that is designed to be reused.

  • We design and produce 100% recyclable garments
  • Control the circular chain
  • Create eco-effective innovations
  • Design and manage new circular textile supply chains
  • Test market validation of the new business models

Our story

Over the last 3 years, we have been working in the circular economy, together with our partners in the EcoProFabrics project, which is supported by the European Commission in its Eco Innovation Programme. For this project we learn by doing. We  design and produce 100% recyclable garments, test the market validation of the product and materials, and design closed loop supply chains. This means that all garments can be brought back to raw materials on the same level after use in order to make a new garment. We develop new business models, create eco-effective innovations and develop software to control the circular chain.

By doing we learnt that it is not only about materials, but also about working together and sharing knowledge. We need to know who the partners are and we have to connect in partnership. With the system, we wanted to connect the two components raw materials/products and the managing tools to control the circular production. Because if you don’t know what is in the product (through the bill of materials), it makes it very difficult to recycle the product again on the same level, to a new material. Even more important is that if you do not know who the producers are – how the chain works and where, it is impossible to share knowledge, manage the chain, make new innovations and act responsible together.


Circular Chain Director




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Dutch Awearness develops sustainable textile innovations, brings in new materials suitable for reuse and is director of the circular chain. All WearEver garments are made of Infinity, a 100% recyclable textile developed by Dutch Awearness. In addition, Dutch Awearness created and is chain director of the Circular Content Management System (CCMS).

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