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The Missing Link

Tracking and tracing entails following products in real time (track) and the tracing the product history (trace). Tracking and tracing is not an end in itself, but supports the achievement of specific objectives which in turn are linked to your product and business strategy. CCMS enables you to go from a linear economy to a circular economy. It gives you insights in material flows, information on the materials, the production process and management operations.

All this information make it possible to close the loop after use of the product. We process the used materials to a new raw material that we can use on the same level for the new product and we can manage the re-use production process.From the start of the circle, the (raw) material/product receives a bar code (or QR code), which will be connected to the product. This code travels with the product throughout the whole chain (real-time). The data of each phase is connected in the system and gives all information on the process to the chain partners and consumers.

At product level, each unique product will have its own QR-code that the consumer as well the producers can scan with his/her phone. The system will then show all data of the product, which materials have been used, the locations, the environmental impact, relevant certifications and the production chain in a Google Earth environment. According to ISO 9000 (ISO, 2000), traceability is transparent and has “the ability to trace the history, application or location of that which is under consideration.”